• chai bottles and fresh cardamom and cinnamon spices

    Modern Traditional Chai: hand made in #yyc

    Our Allegory
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Modern Traditional Chai: hand made in #yyc

Order Now for February 1, 2021

We only use real ingredients: no syrups or artificial flavours

Learn about our updated health and safety procedures

What is Modern Traditional Chai?

Traditional chai is made with black tea and milk, and its essence is in the cooking process, which not only marries flavours together, but also releases its many health benefits

We've modernized it by making it convenient on the go, with lactose-free milk or no milk at all!

Options available: Dairy-Free, Lactose-Free, Vegan.

Convenience You've Never Experienced Before

Tell Me More

Allegory Chai was born in #yyc !

Allegory Chai was started by a husband and wife duo both born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.

Our Allegory

"Beyond impressed would be an understatement"

"I am an avid coffee and tea drinker. I always thought of Starbucks when I wanted a warm beverage. Then I was introduced to the OG chai. To say I was beyond impressed would be an understatement."

Karolina Rahim @karolina_beauty_obsessed

"New life breathed into our comfort foods"

Allegory chai bring a contemporary flare to a nostalgic beverage. The OG reminds us of our grandmother's chai but we can drink it hot or iced, right out of the bottle, as though we picked it up at a chic artisanal cafe! 

Adil and Jihan, @caffeinatedcouple

"You can taste (love) in every cup."

"The secret ingredient in the chai is love, you can taste it in every cup. OG is not only delicious, it is easy on my stomach. I didn't feel bloated... I feel good after drinking it."

Karolina Rahim, @karolina_beauty_obsessed

"Authentic. Addictive. Locally Made."

I am always impressed with the consistency and flavour of Allegory Chai. They provide a quick, to go option for my crazy schedule. For someone who can't stomach coffee, their chai is a perfect alternative. I highly recommend supporting local. Be warned, their chai is addictive!

Nadeem T

"We love to support local"

We love to see new life breathed into our comfort foods and also love to support local businesses and friends. Thank you Allegory for telling stories through chai, stories that remind us of our past and give us the caffeine we need to pursue our futures!

Adil and Jihan, @caffeinatedcouple