Our Allegory 1.0

“Never in my wildest dreams…” - Brandy

We started Allegory Chai from a desire to live out our dreams & with happiness in mind (not just dreaming about it or chasing it on the weekends like we seemed to be). We want to build a community that welcomes the sharing of allegories without prejudice. In the Indian community, that often happens over a cup of chai. 

We live in a vulnerable world and often find ourselves in need of comfort. For us, that comfort often comes in the form of leaning on someone, drawing inspiration from their allegory, or simply from a cup of chai (or some combination thereof...). 

Our personal allegory is one of a friendship turned love story, turned hate story, then love story again (yay!).  Today, we’re married and have two babies: Ilaya and Allegory Chai. 

Zakkee's allegory is one of constant inner battle. Security over authenticity; values he was taught vs values he gathered on his own. In his pursuit of happiness, he took a huge leap of faith and left his well paying oil and gas engineering career to pursue what resonated with him.  Today, he's an e-commerce entrepreneur and stay at home father.  

Shaista's allegory is one of vulnerability.  In a world of vulnerability, for her that meant living openly with her Crohn’s disease despite the intense insecurity, shame, ugliness, and constant fear that can come with a chronic disease. After experiencing so many of the negative aspects of it, Shaista truly feels that having Crohn's disease is a blessing and is passionate about bringing joy and comfort to her community through chai and stories (hence: Allegory Chai). 



a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning

(see Plato's Allegory of the Cave)