The Convenience of Chai in a Bottle

Convenience Never Tasted So Good

Let's face it, we are all busy. We don't always have the time to make authentic chai or even to steep a pre-mix.

Solution? Bottled chai. No cooking time, no spices to grind, no pot to scrub, no wait time!

Take chai on your next road trip, to work, to run errands, anywhere. Leave it in your fridge for "any time" chai. 

Authentic chai is a delicate drink. It requires time, effort, attention, and care. There is a fine balance between ingredients to water and milk; and how much will evaporate when you are cooking the chai before it turns into perfection. 


Our chais are offered by the bottle and growler and are a quick and easy option for cafes, restaurants, and businesses. See our Shop Now page for more or reach out for bulk orders.