The Convenience of Chai in a Bottle


Chai is a delicate drink. It requires time, effort, attention, and care. There is a fine balance between ingredients to water and milk; and how much will evaporate when you are cooking the chai before it turns into perfection. 

But, what if you want a real chai right now? Or chai at work at 10:00 AM or 2:00 PM? What if you don't want to scrub that chai pot after it is all said and done?

Yeah, US TOO!

Now, you can take chai on your next road trip, errand, and to work. Leave it in your fridge for "any time" chai. No spices to grind, no wait time.

Our bottled chai is also nice to give to those friends who love traditional chai or to your family (like grandparents) who don't want to worry about making it themselves. Or, share it with someone who is dairy and/or lactose sensitive. I bet they miss having chai.

Chai is such a comfort drink, it is a great way to start your or anyone's day.