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Allegory Travel Mug

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$28.50 CAD
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$28.50 CAD

As avid chai drinkers on the go, we have learned that not all travel mugs are created equal. After going through a special order to find these, we think they're one of the best travel mugs we've ever used.


  • Stainless steel so it keeps your chai hot or cold for a long time, and doesn't stain like other materials.
  • Comfortably holds 14 oz. Throw your Unforgettable chai in there and still have room for your choice of milk.
  • Since the body is NOT made from plastic, there is no concern about the heating or morphing of plastic. The longevity of this mug is great.
  • The opening is big enough to get your hand or a bottle brush inside for easy, and QUICK cleaning. Chai can stain, but it doesn't have to stain your mug.
  • You can write on this mug with chalk! Put a kind note on it for your loved one or label different drinks easily.