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Zigga, Signature Masala Chai - 2L Growler

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$37.50 CAD
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$37.50 CAD

The modern day masala (spiced) chai. Keeping the creaminess and dairy flavor profile found in traditional masala chai, we swap out the heavy milk for 2% lactose-free milk to marry the traditional flavor of masala chai without the discomfort of lactose

Growler comes filled with Zigga & is yours to keep! Our growlers offer "chai on tap" convenience in the comfort of your home and a much more sustainable, environmentally friendly option than bottles.

For future orders, simply order a refill online (any chai flavour available that week) and bring your growler to our kitchen to have it filled or select delivery at checkout.

Growler refills represent a savings of approximately 15% on every order.

Zigga Refill: $30.00    

Ingredients: Water, black tea, 2% lactose-free milk, cardamom, cinnamon, organic sugar

Gluten Free, Lactose-Free

Quantity: 1 Growler (0.5 gal / 2 L / 64 oz.) equivalent to just over 5 of our regular bottles of chai.