Allegory Chai

OG Chai - Growler (REFILL ONLY)

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This chai is the closest version of traditional chai without the upset of lactose or heavy/thick dairy and processed sugar.

Keep the "chai on tap" experience going with a refill of the OG in your Allegory Chai growler. Refills are more environmentally friendly and save you of over 10% on chai! 

This purchase is for a refill of chai ONLY (it does not include the growler). Don't have an Allegory Chai growler? Visit our Shop Now page and grab a growler to enjoy refills in the future! We can only refill Allegory Chai growlers at this time.

Check out our How To Order/Get Refills page for details on how pick and delivery options work for growler refills. 

OG Ingredients: Water, black tea, 2% lactose-free milk, approx. 1 teaspoon of organic sugar

Gluten Free, Lactose-free

Quantity: 1 Growler (0.5 gal / 1.9 L / 64 oz.), equivalent to just over 5 of our regular bottles of chai.